CHANGE: (Written October, 2005 for Presbyterian Villages of Michigan) Bridget Knox, Admin. Assistant

When I think of October.  I think of CHANGE.

The leaves of the trees CHANGE colors from simply green to brilliant bright red, yellow, orange and gorgeous gold.  They light up the sky for a season like beautiful Christmas lights – except, the leaves are perfect.


The leaves take on another CHANGE.

They fall.

They fall to the earth with their bright reds, yellows, orange’s and gorgeous gold’s and their brilliant colors decorate our lawns and busy streets.

Children play in the leaves and toss them to and fro while their parents or older siblings rake the leaves and put all those brilliant, bright and wonderful colors away.

Nice and tidy. Like a package of crayola crayons.

CHANGE happens.

The way we react to CHANGE has a lot to do with our attitudes toward CHANGE.

Are we willing to CHANGE ?

Sometimes, CHANGE is forced upon us. Then, we must CHANGE!

If we could make CHANGE more comfortable, whether good or bad.

Then maybe.

We could CHANGE.

Like the leaves.

From simply green.

To bright, bright, gorgeous, GOLD.