I’ve been neglecting my bathroom…. in all the worse ways. My bathroom, I actually have my own, to myself, don’t have to share her with anyone. Kids, all gone. The man of the house has his own abode as well. And me, ungrateful me, doesn’t show appreciation to the ‘Pink Lady.’ The ‘Pink Lady’ is old, but, strong. Sturdy wide tub with a shower head. The ‘Pink Throne’ – with a white seat, double sink, nestled in a long vanity, that, you guessed it, is speckled Pink. The large mirror, the old fashioned kind that you don’t see to often, majestic, no cracks. The ‘Pink’ wallpaper mixed with white, blue and silver – covers 90% of the bathroom.

The tile on the floor is ‘Pink’ – with a little mixture of 2 different kinds of pink. The old fashioned tile – the type that does not come up, it’s fixed, to the floor. Not one tiny tile missing because it appears to be one big piece of tiny tiles. Glued together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The ‘Pink Lady’ has a window that overlooks the massive backyard where nature is at play all four seasons.

But, I digress.

As I was saying. I’ve been neglecting her.

Inside the shower / tub enclosed by old fashioned glass doors with chrome metal handles – which, by the way, caresses me at least 5 days a week with an awesome, hot, long shower to help me prepare for work.


The ‘Pink Lady’ needs to be CLEANED.

Not the superficial cleaning I give it at least once a week. The ‘Pink Lady’ needs a good old fashioned cleaning. So, that’s what I did.

Before I washed my hair, I sprayed the glass doors with scrubbing bubbles (we work hard so you won’t have to). Got a scotch brite pad and scrubbed the two glass doors inside and out.


The doors seemed to be smiling at me with approval. So. I did it again.


I looked at those ‘Pink’ square tiles that line the shower wall on three sides. They looked like they were jealous cause the glass doors were getting all the attention.

Hmmmmm…. I wondered to myself. What to do?

I got in the shower and washed my hair. Standing there, under the falling water, washing my hair, I got an idea.

I opened the glass door, grabbed a scotch brite sponge, doused it with Bon-Ami, got back in the shower and started scrubbing the ‘Pink’ tiles while the shower was still flowing. I repeated this at least four times scrubbing all three walls.


The ‘Pink’ tiles lit up like fireworks. ‘Pink’ fireworks.

My bathroom. A room of my own is so many things to me.

A library – because I read in there every morning before my shower.

A spa – because sometimes I need to soak in that ‘Pink’ tub filled with warm water and Epsom salt.

A make up closet – because the old fashioned mirror is huge and I can see my whole self.

A glimpse to the outside – the window faces the backyard and nature is truly my friend.

A good friend – because the ‘Pink Lady’ is always there. Even, when I’m not.