Belle Isle, My Favorite Place (written July 6, 2002)

Belle Isle to me is a jewel.  The water glistening from the river soothes my soul.  The winding roads that show off the natural wonders leaps out at me and demands my attention.  The people, the early morning people go about their business in perfect harmony with the island.

I love the water – and when I’m at my favorite place I take advantage of the stillness,  the calmness and even the interruption of the water as boats and ships sail by.  I find a spot and sit and look at Gods wonderful work,  I see the water,  as a necessity of life,  like blood running  through my veins.

When I cruise through the island,  I do so very slowly.  The winding roads lead me to a family of ducks making their way across the road.  Seagulls flying overhead land to find something to eat.  Deer can be found playing in the woods and making eye contact as soon as they spot me and fish are swimming through the river trying to avoid contact with a fishers hook.

The people who frequent Belle Isle in the morning come for many different reasons.  I spot a young couple jogging in matching outfits.  I see an elderly lady fishing from one of the piers that I like to walk across.  There’s a young man rollerblading with headphones on as he swished past me as I sit at the water’s edge.

You can’t put a price on my favorite place,  yet it’s free to all.  I truly believe where there is water,  there is wealth.  The birds and the other animals that reside at Belle Isle have known this since the beginning of time.  In a way,  the people,  the early morning people like myself know it to be true.  Belle Isle is a gift from God and if the city ever decided to put a toll on my favorite place – I would pay it,  gladly.


B. Knox

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