Highland Park High School: Nov 2015

This picture was taken by my brother, James Knox.  He was helping me out with a photo shoot for my digital photography class last November.  The reason that I’m looking sad is because my high school, Highland Park, located in Highland Park Michigan on Woodward near 6 Mile has been closed down for good.  The Polar Bears will no longer roam at this site and this deeply saddens me and a whole lot of other Alumni of Highland Park.  There are many rumors going around that my school is going to be torn down, turned into something grand, making room for the rail that is slowly making its way North on Woodward.  Some say that Dan Gilbert bought it just like he’s buying everything else that has VALUE.  Highland Park has value to the many students like myself who walked the halls, played the games, cheered the crowd, and danced with the band while being educated by the best teachers, monitored by the most professional hall guards – who, by the way, called us by our names and showed us love – not hate.  Our Administration staff was excellent and,  “It Takes a Village”  was the atmosphere as we walked the halls and made our way to classes.  I graduated in 1980 and have been to every 10 year reunion for my class.  So, before it’s too late, make your way to the school with no windows on Woodward near 6 Mile – sit on one of the benches – take a picture – and remember the way we were.


Bridget Knox

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