75 SOUTH (A Mini Series) Part 12

“Miss Love is from Tuscaloosa.”

“How you know where she from Tommie?

“She told me, she told me. Her and her sister, her little sister Lizzie, they from Tuscaloosa Vickie.”

“I thought you said something about pecans T.  You said she left a message for your daddy about the pecan harvest.”

“Yeah, that was the first time I talked to her, when I ….

“The first time T.  The first time, you talked to this woman more than once over your parents house?

“No, No Vickie.  I talked to Adaline, I talked ….

“Adaline!  Who is Adaline Tommie?  You said you talked to a Miss Love.”

“Listen Vickie, stop interrupting me.  I’m trying to tell you, let me tell you.  Adaline, Miss Love, Adaline is her first name, I’m trying to tell you that I talked to Miss Love, Miss Adaline Love.  Before we hung up the phone at my parents house, she asked me to write down her number.”

“After she told you about the pecan harvest T.?

“No Vickie. After she asked me about my eyes.”

“About your eyes!  What does that mean, what, what did she want to know about your eyes T.?

“Vickie, the woman asked me if I had hazel eyes.”

“That don’t make no sense Tommie. I thought you said you didn’t know her. Why would a perfect stranger, someone you’ve never met ask you something like that?  How does she know what color your eyes are?”

“Cause her eyes are hazel too.”

“What! (Vickie screamed).

“And so is her little sisters. Miss Love, and her sister Lizzie, both got my eyes.”

“Where did they get them from Tommie? Where did they get your eyes from?”

“The question is Vickie. Where did I get their eyes from.?

“Is that why you’re going to Alabama Tommie?”

“No, No Vickie. I’m going to Alabama on a work assignment for Linda and Mort. I’m going to a town called Three Notch.”

“Three Notch?  I’ve heard that name before. I can’t remember if it was my mom or dad who mentioned it, but, I know I’ve heard that name before.”

“Well, like I said V.  I’m leaving tomorrow.  And, guess what.”

“What Tommie?”

“My parents are coming with me.”

“Are you planning on visiting Tuscaloosa T.?


“Do your parents know?”

“I think so.”

“Hey T. Stop in Atlanta and pick me up. I’m go ride with you.”

“Thanks V.  I was hoping you would say that. See you in a few days.”


To be continued.

B. Knox

75 South


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